Foot Food - our latest product joining the Basix Skin Defence Cream brand. Available in October!


Now available in the UK and Europe, Basix Foot Food will be introduced by Lombardi & Smith Limited in October 2019.

 Managing Director Russell Smith explains why this cream is so important. “Based on the success of Basix Skin Defence Cream with Kigelia Africana, we are introducing a nourishing Foot Food that works in conjunction with the original Basix cream to target dry cracked heels, repairing the skin, restoring moisture and leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple.”

 Basix Foot Food contains 2 active ingredients that make it effective.

Menthol Peppermint Oil has natural anaesthetic properties and helps cool the skin, stimulating it to feel energised and invigorated. Peppermint is also known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Urea, a compound naturally produced by the skin, but absent in cases of extremely dry and damaged skin, is known for its effective hydrating properties.  Urea helps regulate moisture content by binding with moisture molecules. This helps to improve the skin’s ability to create and hold water.

 Urea is also a natural exfoliant, combined with its anti-itch, anti-microbial and anaesthetic properties, it helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

To learn more about this skin cream and its active ingredients, and to try a sample, visit the Basix Skin Defence stand PF15 at the Pharmacy Show, NEC Birmingham, 6-7 Oct 2019.

Currently looking for distributors, wholesalers and retail outlets across the UK and Europe.