Basix Skin Repair Cream was inspired 10 years ago in South Africa in order to address several skin problems with a natural alternative cream.  Refined over 2 years, the formulation uses a combination of 11 natural active ingredients that targets the cause of seriously dry skin, helping to restore and repair and moisturize. This cream can be particularly effective for those suffering with Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis

 Basix Skin Defence Cream 

We discovered Basix during our time living in South Africa.  Prone to eczema and with a family history of Psoriasis, we couldn't be without our cream, and when we moved back to England, we realized we had a Social Responsibility to make this cream available to the rest of the world.

We started Lombardi & Smith Limited, and with one mission, we embarked on a long journey to ensure the cream was compliant to distribute in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Working closely with our South African partners, our mission is to change the lives of those suffering with Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis - ACROSS THE WORLD.


The result is BASIX SKIN DEFENCE CREAM - the same formulation in a brand new package.

Basix Skin Defence Cream - Same Formulation In A New package

What's Next?

Our goal is to get a bottle of Basix into the hands of everyone who is still struggling with their skin, and to make it available in every country across the world.

Your Role

With your help, your purchases, and your reviews,  more people will get to know about this cream.  And the more people who try it, the more people we can help.

Putting Back into the Community

We pledge to allocate a portion of the proceeds to sponsor various charitable organisations in the research against Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin conditions.