"She applied the cream at night and within days the eczema and dry skin was completely gone..."

"My Mum has always had bad eczema particularly on her hands, in between her fingers and in between them. She has found this cream incredibly helpful. She has had bad eczema recently as she does a lot of quilting and embroidery which takes a toll on her hands. She applied the cream at night and within days the eczema and dry skin was completely gone. It's better then any cream she's been given on prescription and the effects last a long time. It really does help, I'm so happy I've found something that can help my Mum's eczema." - Chaz


" don’t have to use much of the cream..."

"I suffer with severe psoriasis, which always flares up when I have an infection, as I also have other medical problems. I have tried many different creams and lotions prescribed to me by my Dermatologist, which have never worked and leaves the skin feeling slimy, which ends up going onto your clothes. I tried the Basix Skin Repair Cream, with not much expectation, however I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my psoriasis was under control and not so itchy using it. It gave me the same results as using a cream from my Dermatologist with steroids in, however this cream is steroid free which is fantastic. In addition you don’t have to use much of the cream and it rubs into the skin really quick, leaving no residue, will definitely continue to use...." - Yvette


" calmed the irritation within minutes..."

"I suffered a severe skin reaction through contact with a plant in my garden. This unfortunately developed into an irritating rash which quickly spread to my legs and arms, it was driving me mad. I went to my G.P. and he gave me steroid based creams to combat this, but when I told him I was going to Spain for a month he refused to give me a prescription to cover this period. I was unable to get a decent night's sleep and was not looking forward to going to Spain in temperatures of 85f, so I looked around for alternatives. I tried several well known emollients but when I came across Basix it really changed the game. I found it easy to apply, it spread well and was easily absorbed. Best of all it calmed the irritation within minutes and regular applications kept it under control for the whole of my stay in Spain. I can only speak for my own experience but it did the job, and I will be going back to Spain in the summer and will definitely be taking a pot of Basix with me."  - Brian


"...this cream has already started to ease the itching..."

"The cream so far has worked well. I have bad eczema on my hands, especially during the winter and this cream has already started to ease the itching. Also their customer service is absolutely outstanding. I ordered a sample of the cream at first and they contacted me to see how the cream was working and asked for feedback which I think is really important when it comes to providing such a specialised product. Definitely worth a try." - Elena


"...both our skin looking fantastic THANK YOU..."

"Excellent cream!! Very pleased with it had samples first then ordered a pot I have red dry patches combination skin round my nose... all clear! My little girl has a few scrapes and bumps put the cream on over a few days, all gone... both our skin looking fantastic THANK YOU" - Julie


"...The whole family uses Basix now!..."

"My friend recommended Basix Skin cream as a face cream to help with pigment marks. I have used it on my face daily and also on my arms and legs and have found that the pigment marks have faded over a few months. My 2 daughters have also used it to fade scars left by pimples and this has been very successful! The whole family uses Basix now!" - Janine