The Benefits of Rooibos Tea and Skin Care

Wild rooibos can easily be mistaken for weeds, but generations of South Africans have known about the amazing health benefits of this plant.  Belonging to the legume family, rooibos is an herb that is commonly used as a tea.

Rooibos Tea has many health benefits especially for the skin

Packed full of natural super anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, Rooibos benefits health, hair and skin.

Boosts Hair Growth 

Enriched with zinc, calcium, copper and potassium, rooibos plays a key part in encouraging hair growth while strengthening the roots.

Prevents Grey Hair

High levels of copper found in rooibos can help prevent premature greying

Boosts Immune System 

Through a complex blend of anti-oxidants, rooibos boosts the immune system to keep us healthy

Assists Weight Loss 

The naturally sweet taste of rooibos can help avoid adding extra sugar in tea, helping to control appetite and reduce weight

Relieves Stress & Hypertension 

Rooibos is caffeine free with no kilojoules. Caffeine tends to raise blood pressure causing stress and hypertension. Rooibos prevents stress by controlling the body’s blood pressure

Prevents Strokes, Heart Attacks & Cancer 

Antioxidants fight free radicals which cause so much damage in the body.  Free radicals oxidise with cholesterol and clog blood vessels causing heart attack, stroke and damage cells that cause cancers.  Rooibos is packed full of antioxidants that

Promotes Healthy Skin 

Full of vitamin d and zinc, drinking rooibos helps keep skin healthy from the inside and also helps shed dead skin

Prevents Premature Ageing 

Containing Superoxide Dismutase with excellent anti-ageing properties, this powerful antioxidant helps reduce wrinkles and boosts healthy skin cells.

Soothes Skin Disorders

Flavonoids in rooibos can help calm irritations caused by eczema and acne and contributes to healthy skin

Fights Bacterial Infections 

Packed full of anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, rooibos helps fight bacterial skin infections and relieves the irritations caused by allergies

With no known side effects, drinking rooibos and using rooibos infused skin products are a great way of reaping the benefits if this incredible plant.

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