Why Is Rose Oil So Good In Skin Creams?

Rosa Damascena, found in Bulgaria, is one of the rarest rose essential oils, is extracted from the Damask Rose, and is the most concentrated of the rose itself. Taking tens of thousands of rose petals to make less than  30ml of Rose oil, it is one of the most expensive essential oils, but only a few drops are needed to reap the enormous benefits.

Rose oil has excellent emollient properties to help moisturise skin, but its therapeutic  benefits go much further.

Benefits of Rose oil in skin care


Natural Antibacterial and antifungal

In a 2014 study, researchers found this rose essential oil was effective at fighting a number of infection-causing microbes including E.coli and bacteria that cause Staphlococcus infections

Natural Antiseptic

Rose is known as a natural antiseptic and an astringent so it can help acneic skin, combined with its natural anti-inflammatory properties that target redness and inflammation.

Natural Anti-inflammatory

Rose oil reduces inflammation by suppressing certain types of bacteria that flourish on the skin.

Soothes Irritations

Rose oil is known to restore and calm red irritated skin and also helps to heal and fade scars.


Rose also possesses many anti-ageing benefits. The extract has excellent moisturising properties and it helps regenerate the skin leaving you with a fresh even skin tone, eliminating dullness.  Rich in antioxidants that help protect your skin cells from oxidative stress, rose keeps skin looking youthful and healthy.  Rich in vitamins and minerals, Rose also plays a key role on building collagen and elastin.  

Rose oil has been chosen as a key ingredient in Basix Skin Defence Cream to help heal, repair and restore dry and damaged skin. 

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