Basix Skin Defence Cream with Kigelia Africana Twin Pack
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Repair Cream for Seriously Dry Skin - Twin Pack

Lombardi Smith
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BASIX SKIN DEFENCE REPAIR CREAM - designed to provide relief for severely dry, flaky, and itchy skin resulting from conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and other irritating skin issues.

Enjoy 2 x 50ml tubes of Basix Skin Defence cream for a great price!

✅ NATURAL SKIN HEALING FORMULA - Handpicked natural ingredients such as African Sausage Tree, Australian Kakadu Plum, Lemon, Ginger, and Aloe Vera possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antiseptic properties to promote skin restoration.

✅ EFFECTIVE AGAINST ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, DERMATITIS - Offers soothing relief and aids in healing even severe cases. Witness visible improvements with before and after photos. Additionally, it repairs skin damaged by Acne, Bed Sores, Nappy Rash, Ulcers, Scarring, Burns, Blisters, Scalds, and Sunburn.

✅ STEROID-FREE FORMULA - Our natural active ingredients, utilized by African and Australian tribal doctors, contain sitosterol and stigmasterol, which are natural steroids. No synthetic steroids or cortisone are added.

✅ RELIEVES, REPAIRS, AND REJUVENATES SKIN - Suitable for all skin types, this cream offers relief while activating the body's natural defenses against skin conditions, facilitating repair and restoration.

✅ TRUSTED BY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS - Originating in South Africa, this cream has successfully aided numerous individuals and is now available worldwide.


Basix helps reinforce the skin’s natural barrier. Rich in Vitamin E and C, combined with the natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic ingredients found in the African Sausage Tree and blended with all the beneficial properties of lemon, kakadu plum, aloe, beeswax, rooibos, and the stimulating effects of rose, rosemary, rosehip, and ginger oil extracts.

The benefits of this cream can be found with continued regular use. Suitable for all skin types, apply this cream in small amounts, 2 - 3 times daily to specific areas of dry, itchy skin for timed release, targeted results. With no known adverse reactions, always test on a small area of your skin before full application. Hundreds of thousands of pots sold over the last 10 years!


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